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EdCast and Watershed Partner to Deliver Personalized Learning Solutions

EdCast and Watershed Partner to Deliver Personalized Learning Solutions

EdCast, the award-winning learning experience platform, is pleased to announce partnering with Watershed, the leader in learning analytics platforms, to address the growing demand for integrated human resources technology and personalized learning solutions.

“This partnership with Watershed is a natural result of where visionary companies are looking to make their learning and development programs more data-centric and efficient,” said Karl Mehta, Founder and CEO of EdCast. “We are pleased to partner with the Watershed team to learning more trackable across all sources for our enterprise customers worldwide.”

Since its founding at Stanford University, industry analysts have recognized EdCast as a new type of digital learning platform. Learner centric and learner driven. Powered by content pulled from many internal and external sources, and enhanced by collaborative knowledge sharing from within the organization. Mobile first and embedded with social and collaboration capabilities, EdCast delivers a new learning experience for employees and enhanced levels of performance for organizations. EdCast uses xAPI technology to collect data from the user’s unique learning experiences. That data is then combined with other enterprise information to provide true business impact analytics and to provide a highly personalised learning experience.

“We’re excited to partner with EdCast, and show how xAPI is helping personalize learning and change traditional L&D methods,” said Mike Rustici, Watershed founder and CEO. “And our upcoming webinar will be a great opportunity to show the L&D community how they can benefit from this technology and enhance their own programs.”

Founded in early 2016, Watershed develops a SaaS-based learning analytics platform that assesses the impact and effectiveness of corporate learning and development programs. Before receiving any investment, the company was already working with high-profile clients and global companies such as Google, Visa, AT&T, and YUM! Brands.

Watershed and EdCast are hosting a public webinar to discuss how personalization technology is changing the traditional approach of Learning and Development programs. It is an exciting topic about how HR departments are flipping the script on how they train employees and share knowledge within their companies. Join us for the webinar on February 7, 2017 at 11a PT / 2p ET. Register to attend this webinar.

About Watershed
Headquartered outside Nashville, Tenn., Watershed is dedicated to changing the world of corporate learning by helping training and learning departments get more from their learning and development initiatives. This includes the creation of a customizable learning analytics platform that provides actionable insights from training and performance data in real time. Made possible by a technology called the Experience API (a.k.a., Tin Can API), Watershed enables users to collect and study learning experiences and how they impact business outcomes. To learn more, visit

About EdCast
EdCast uses artificial intelligence and curation to bring together all of you internal learning content, expert insights, and millions of external resources into an easy-to-use, personalized learning experience and knowledge platform.

The EdCast executive team has a track record of building large-scale transformational technology; all are passionate about the global impact of mobile and online knowledge-sharing. EdCast is based in Mountain View, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley, with offices worldwide.

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